Project Management

To ensure your Medical Device project is brought ON TIME, within its PLANNED BUDGET, and that it is concluded by the DELIVERY milestones.


With hundreds of blocks already designed and proved, it is easy to build fast Medical device prototype, custom industrial design and application creates unique product with solid working technology.

Product Architecture

Most projects start from the end to the start, medical device architecture starts with the regulatory to pass, that effects it’s building blocks.

Electronics Development

Over 200 years of medical device electronic design sits at our facility, after hundreds of projects we have designed analog boards, digital boards, communication boards.

Software Development

Our software engineers come from computer science background and are leaded by a software manager who is familiar with multi-platforms such as ARM,  X86, Linux, Windows, multi-core, embedded, and RTL design.

Clinical Trials

We understand and support our clients needs, we understand that part of the medical device design process is to take the device to clinical trials.

Regulation / Standard Compliance

Most of our products (excluding prototypes) pass regulatory. This regulatory controls the development process as well as the documentation and the actual product quality.

Implementation: customization and localization

As every product that arrives to the market Global Med Tech supports special customization process for each clients, this leads to several releases to support each clients needs.