Highest technology ISO certified Endoscopy


Endoscopy is a highly sensitive fiber optic based medical device used for viewing internal organs. A narrow tube with a small video camera is inserted gently to the body, providing real time images to the physicians.

There are various types of Endoscopy devices, and Global Med Tech is leading the market with the most advanced technologies in the Endoscopy field, for best results and a smooth procedure. Our ISO certified Endoscopy devices suit any required procedure, we have successfully delivered various types of devices and consoles to numerous clinics and we specialize in innovative tailor-made solutions.

We develop hi-resolution video imaging, with the right pixel size, heat distribution and wave length, while keeping the diameter vs length factor aligned for optimal results.

  • Real time high quality video
  • Mechanical flexibility
  • Procedure recording and analysis
  • Integration with complex medical devices
  • Short time development at low cost
  • Customized solutions
  • Easy and fast regulatory adjustments

We develop


DSP board Mechanical Design, Signal processing of streaming video, image noise reduction, gamma and white color calibration, adjusting color scale according to external light sources while maintaining low latency of video. Video processing using FPGA.

One of our leading solutions are: custom made Endoscopy Console that support HD, and Mechanical DSP board design. It is imperative to us that our tailor made solutions fulfill our customer’s needs.

Colonoscopy Full HD High resolution Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a procedure in which a long flexible tube with a fiber optic or CCD camera is used for examining the large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel . The small video camera provides real time images to the physicians, via a console that provides real time images and video. 

Global Med Tech develops ISO certified advanced colonoscopy systems, according to our customer’s requirements and the market needs. We specialize in real time high speed image & video processing, and performed full turnkey developments of complex systems. We perform localization and customization to our products as needed, and have deep understanding of the medical devices market, following numerous deliveries performed globally. 

We develop 360 degrees view colonoscopy for best results, high speed image & video processing in real time and advanced HD Colonoscopy consoles.

  • High resolution real time video
  • High speed image & video processing
  • Mechanical flexibility
  • Low cost, rapid development
  • Customized & localized solutions
  • ISO certified and regulations

We develop

Low Latency real time video Processing, Advanced Electronic imaging technology, FPGA Video processing, Working prototype and detailed product portfolio, Support of client through clinical trials and regulatory procedures.

One of our leading solutions are: 360 degrees view colonoscopy and HD Colonoscopy console. Our technologies are driven by our aspiration for progress and increasing the quality of life of the patients.