Global Med Tech is an international multi-technology research development and manufacturing management center based in Frankfurt Germany.

We at Global Med Tech believe that breakthroughs are the cornerstone for developing competitive advantage and market leadership. Global Med Tech is the place where advanced technology fusion is created in order to provide solutions to the ‘nearly impossible’.

Our target market includes high-tech companies that develop and manufacture products to various sectors. Our clients look for extraordinary engineering capabilities in order to overcome the challenges presented by their customers as well as their competitors.

Global Med Tech is the leader in the multi-technology product development market. Our key personal have the knowledge and proven experience which is the base for providing workable solutions and making dreams a reality. The Global Med Tech team is composed of people who have “done it” – experienced in all-encompassing technology and systems.

The results of a customer survey show that our marketing satisfaction levels are at the top for work methodology and for task accomplishment. Our company’s customers report back about business breakthroughs due to the high level of engineering, production quality and product performance we have provided.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our customer’s visions into successful products in a timely, thorough, efficient, and financially responsible manner, always bringing the most innovative and advanced solutions and technologies possible.”